PowerHouse Property Management: I needed a way to keep track of all the moving parts

As a leader of Atlanta’s real estate market, PowerHouse Property Management provides a knowledgeable service that lets its customers meet their objectives in the industry. This is no easy task for a 2 person team.

PowerHouse Property Management started working with Manifestly to manage the growth of their operations. They’ve seen an increase of 50% on the properties they manage since they started using Manifestly.

Still, they manage to consistently provide their clients with an excellent service without the need of increasing the size of their team. 

“There are a lot of moving parts in this business and the parts grow exponentially as more doors are added. I needed a way to keep track of all the moving parts”


Richard’s favorite feature is the Conditional Logic, which allows him to dynamically adapt checklists to particular cases. Checklists in Manifestly can be both comprehensive and still easy to use.

As experts of the industry, Richard and Elisabeth Burton understand the importance of an advanced checklist system. Keep in mind we’re not talking about pen and paper.

“Both of us see the need to have a strong checklist system that is easy to use”

Richard Burton – Owner, Powerhouse Property Management

Let’s take a look at a direct example of how Manifestly help’s PowerHouse Property Management with their operations. Their most used checklist covers the Application Process.

“For each vacant property, I may receive 3-5 applications so I need a way to keep track of the status of each”


As you should know, screening applicants is a crucial process. A missed step might end up causing a ton of trouble. You can read more about how Manifestly can help you during the Tenant Application Process here.

More PowerHouse Property Management Checklists

  • Tenant Move Out
  • Tenant Move In
  • Owner Onboarding
  • Property Onboarding
  • Tenant Lease Renewals
  • Property HOA Violations
  • Corporate Monthly Processing

As you can see, there are a lot of recurrent tasks that need to be carefully executed and recorded. Manifestly makes it safe and simple to do so. 

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