3 Steps for ​a Successful Property Inspection

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Property inspections are present at every major phase of rental property management. They’re performed when a tenant moves out, before a new tenant moves in, after work is done on the property, and at numerous other intervals in between. For property managers, keeping a close eye on the condition of the property is tantamount to maintaining their investment.

Different inspections scenarios call for different observations to be made. Keeping track of important variables and the overhanging purpose of the inspection is best done by way of a simple checklist. It’ll assure you nothing is being overlooked and that a record of everything observed is made. 

Manifestly’s features for property inspections

Most property managers conduct property inspections with a notebook and a camera. The problem with this approach is that it’s unstructured and data is in two separate places. What happens if you lose the notebook or erase the camera’s memory card? One is useless without the other.

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Manifestly solves the antiquated “snap and record” method by consolidating inspection criteria into checklists and offering robust features for ensuring compliance:

  • Data collection fields enable property managers to record specific data at each step of an inspection. Make notes about the condition of the kitchen or verify a fire extinguisher’s safety check date within the checklist itself. You can even make data collection required to complete the step.
  • Document hosting means you can pair pictures, PDF manuals or just about anything else with a checklist item. If the step involves inspecting an electrical breaker panel, for example, you may attach a circuit diagram to the step. No more lugging heavy binders and paper manuals to and from inspections!
  • Checklist scheduling makes it easy to stay on top of rental property management inspections. Schedule inspection checklist runs for 3- and 6-month inspections or link up a Manifestly checklist with Zapier for triggers that automatically schedule runs, such as when a new tenant application is approved.
  • Tags and folders help you keep checklists for each property separate. Even if your properties have vastly different inspection demands, Manifestly makes it easy to create and catalog unique checklists for all of them.

Not only does the simple checklist approach ensure completeness and accuracy across every inspection, it consolidates everything into a single, accessible app. No more notebook. No more camera. A smartphone or tablet running Manifestly is all you need to speed through property inspections without missing a thing.

Reflecting on cloud backups

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Can’t remember if that gouge in the wall was always there? Not sure when the last time you replaced the batteries in your smoke detectors? Instead of scouring through notebooks or leaving behind vague written reminders, property managers can reflect on Manifestly.

Every checklist action and all data inputs are stored in the cloud. This makes it easy to quickly go back and check your last property inspection report to review notes or find a piece of critical information. Your complete history is searchable, which means you’ll know exactly where discrepancies exist between your current property inspection and your last one.

Checking off on peace of mind

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Property inspections exist for the safety and security of you, your tenant, and the property itself. Nothing quite brings certainty to the thoroughness of an inspection like a well-made checklist—and no checklist is more complete than one that takes advantage of the features Manifestly has to offer.

Next time a property is due for inspection, leave the notebook and camera at home. Instead, start a checklist run through Manifestly and ensure you Never Miss a Thing.

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