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The Manifestly Manifesto

We’re committed to helping teams increase consistency and reduce errors in their recurring processes. Checklists are a proven solution, so we built Manifestly to give you the best possible tool for using checklists as a team.


Dependable Communication

  • No more email overload.
  • Easily collaborate and communicate with team members directly in the checklist.
  • Use comments to leave notes and @mentions for person to person messaging.
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Visibility and Control

  • Know exactly who is doing what (in real time) and the completion status of every process.
  • View a calendar of upcoming scheduled checklists - and the schedule they recur (if any).
  • Searchable feeds of all activity in your account or a specific checklist run.
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Process Improvement

  • Quantitative data is continually gathered. You'll know the average duration of your processes, how often a checklist was used and by whom.
  • Qualitative process feedback from users of the checklists is "baked in" to the checklist process, giving you an easy path to the standard PDCA cycle.
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Accountability & Reporting

  • Every checklist run, every action taken, and every comment is stored in the cloud.
  • Receive a weekly report on what checklists were used, what processes are late, and more.
  • Receive notifications on late checklist runs as well as scheduled checklists that need to be started.
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Manifestly integrates with over 300 cloud based services including GitHub, Lighthouse, Zendesk and many more. Read More >

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