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Manifestly checklist software improves collaboration and accountability in your recurring processes.

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  • How Manifestly Works

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    1 Create Template

    Import your existing checklists or use our easy editor to quickly create a checklist template.

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    2 Run Multiple Instances

    Launch the checklist and invite people from your team or those outside your company like clients and contractors.

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    3 Collaborate

    Collaborate on the checklist real-time, use comments and @mentions to communicate.

    You Benefit From...

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    Clear Communication

    No more dependence on long email threads. Team members collaborate and communicate directly in the checklist. Use comments to leave notes and @mentions for person to person direct messaging.

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    Visibility & Accountability

    Your management dashboard shows exactly who is doing what and the status of every process - in real time. View a calendar of upcoming scheduled checklists. Receive notifications on late checklist runs as well as scheduled checklists that need to be started.

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    Standard Operating Procedures

    Create step-by-step SOPs, with details for each step, including images, videos, and links to other documents. Assign these SOPs to specific team members or virtual assistants, and set due dates, prompting Manifestly to send reminder emails and late notices.

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    Receive a weekly report on checklist usage including late checklist runs, new improvement ideas, and times used. Every checklist run, every action taken, and every comment is stored in the cloud.

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    External Teams

    Assign checklists to external people such as contractors and virtual assistants. Invite clients and contractors to collaborate on checklist runs without risk of them viewing your private processes. They only see what you want them to see.

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    Automatically schedule and assign checklists based on events in your other systems. Manifestly integrates with over 500 cloud based services including Slack, SalesForce, GitHub, Zendesk and many more. Read More


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    Mattw 29c6adba04e2d84559318ba3d21647ebae7b0d65f1d162184cdc171a2d004540

    The missing piece that allowed my team to move from process completion to process optimization.
    — Matt Wheeler

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    Just what we were looking for to automate IT runbooks. It's worth its weight in gold.
    — Roger Hoffman

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    Philipc ba0590a802f3c5c1aa7829a029accacfdfc4a8e45c63c8ae5ed4f60c867721fd

    The comment feature is excellent. Thank you for an amazing product!
    — Philip Cilliers, CPA