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Manifestly is a powerful app for teams to
Distribute Tasks

How it Works

How to step one
1 Create Template

Import your existing checklists or use our easy editor to quickly create a checklist template.

How to step two
2 Run Multiple Instances

Launch the checklist and invite people from your team or those outside your company like clients and contractors.

How to step three
3 Collaborate

Collaborate on the checklist real-time, use comments and @mentions to communicate.

What They're Saying

Marketing results

Will swayne 75

Drag-and-drop simple enables continuous improvement of our checklists. Highly recommended!
— Will Swayne



Just what we were looking for to automate IT runbooks. It's worth its weight in gold.
— Roger Hoffman



The comment feature is excellent. Thank you for an amazing product!
— Philip Cilliers, CPA

Manifestly Improves...


Repeatability icon

Get peace of mind. With Manifestly you can be assured your checklists are being used each and every time.


Visibility icon

With our mobile app and notifications via Slack and email, your team will know what needs to be done right now.


Accountability icon

We store every action forever and you can easily search to find out who did what and when on every checklist, ever.

Step due dates

Due Dates, Assignments, and Notifications

By setting due dates and assignments for checklists or individual steps, the system will send email and Slack notifications to account admins and the checklist owners of their late tasks. You can easily keep track of exactly what is being done and what is late.


Clear Communication

No more dependence on long email threads. Team members collaborate and communicate directly in the checklist. Use comments to leave notes and @mentions for person to person direct messaging.



Automatically launch, schedule and assign checklists based on events in your other systems. Manifestly integrates with over 500 cloud based services including Slack, SalesForce, GitHub, Zendesk and many more. Read More


Visibility & Accountability

Your management dashboard shows exactly who is doing what and the status of every process - in real time. View a calendar of upcoming scheduled checklists. Receive email and Slack notifications when a checklist is not completed in time as well as scheduled checklists that need to be started.


Reporting & Searchable History

Receive a weekly report on checklist usage including late checklist runs, new improvement ideas, and times used. Every checklist run, every action taken, and every comment is stored in the cloud with an easy way to search for the historical record of who did what.


External Teams

Assign checklists to external people such as contractors and virtual assistants. Invite clients and contractors to collaborate on checklist runs without risk of them viewing your private processes. They only see what you want them to see.

Slack logo

Slack Integration

Our Slack integration allows your teams to complete checklist runs without ever leaving Slack. Receive notifications on assignments, late checklist runs and more, delivered personally to each Slack user. Watch a video and read more about the Slack Integration.

Apple android logos

Native Mobile Apps

Use checklists on both iOS and Android with voice to text for comments as well as uploading images taken with your mobile device.


Detailed Process Documentation & SOPs

Are you creating Standard Operating Procedures?

Each step in your checklist can be as detailed as you want, and along with an easy HTML editor, your process documentation can include:

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Links to online documents
  • File attachments


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