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Make a great first impression with customer onboarding software for small business

Win your customers’ confidence with a great process from Day 1. Provide seamless handoffs internally and with your customer so everyone knows what the next step is, who is doing it, and when it is due.

  • Assign steps to the customer being onboarded while keeping the rest of the process hidden from them
  • Easily gather all the information necessary for accounting, operations, or IT
  • The customer onboarding platform will only show the clients what’s needed for the best experience
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Tailor the customer onboarding experience with conditional logic in your workflows

Personalize every client experience to the type of customer and the services they're using with conditional logic rules in your workflows. With user onboarding software, you can use one workflow for all your organization's different client onboarding scenarios.

  • Conditional logic can respond to gather data to define the next steps in the workflow
  • Use "if A & B, then display C" style logic or even multiple conditional logic rules
  • Set up conditional rules to define when to notify the assignees

Track onboarding status across multiple clients for better visibility of tasks, due dates, and assignments

Track task progress across clients and work on multiple customer checklists all on one summary page that highlights assignments, late checklists, and late tasks.

  • See the status of multiple customer onboarding processes and individual assignments in the simple client onboarding tool
  • No need to switch between specific customer checklists to complete your tasks or add comments
  • Create custom dashboards to view exactly what you want to see in your client onboarding portal
  • Stay in touch in real-time with customized notifications for email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and web
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Client onboarding software that saves time, reduces errors and makes everyone happier

Do you still wonder how to make onboarding new customers easier for you and your clients? Manifestly specifically designed its customer onboarding tools, such as built-in electronic signatures, embedded videos, and role-based assignments, to make onboarding new customers easier and faster than ever. You save time, headaches, and lost opportunities by letting everyone know the onboarding process status.

  • Late steps of the checklists are highlighted and due date notifications sent
  • Users can create customized reminders in their checklists
  • Realtime communication with @mentions means everyone is kept in the loop
  • Our built-in process improvement features help you continually improve your onboarding workflows

More than just checklist software

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Customer Onboarding with Manifestly - FAQ

Yes, we have multiple customer onboarding templates in our checklist templates library. Additionally, our customer success team will help you research best practices in your industry to help pull together an industry specific client onboarding template for your organization.

Yes, that's exactly how Manifestly works. You create and customize a customer onboarding workflow and then for each new customer you create a 'workflow run', which is a fresh start of that workflow where you onboard a specific customer.

Customer onboarding software provides a formal platform to develop a defined process for an organization to onboard new customers. Software as a service (SaaS) solutions like Manifestly help by providing a platform for defining assignments, data collection, conditional logic, due dates and more.

The primary ojbective of onboarding software is to ease the customer journey and adaptation process in order to accelerate time-to-value and make a good impression on new customers.

With Manifestly, you define your customer onboarding workflow which is a series of sections and steps for onboarding your customers. Each step can be customized with data collection options, role based assignments, and conditional logic for handling unique types of customers.

You can then reuse these workflows over and over with a fresh start each time for each new customer.

Customer onboarding frameworks aim to provide both customers and customer success teams with the exact series of steps that help implement a smooth customer journey. If the onboarding process for your product or service is complex and elaborate, you may need a dedicated onboarding team which works as a part of the customer success team.

Define your customer onboarding journey and in particular, 'begin with the end in mind' which will help you determine the important steps and data needed.

Other important items that you should think about include roles, assignments, relative due dates, help documentation, reporting needs, integrations, and conditional logic. Once you define these aspects of your customer onboarding process, you'll be better situated to judge the effectiveness of any one client onboarding platform like Manifestly.

We suggest 6 basic sections of a customer onboarding process:

  1. Welcome: Communicate roadmap, expectations, and introduce teams
  2. Data collection: Gather necessary data and files for the onboarding process
  3. Onboard customer: Implement the necessary systems and actions - this is usually multiple sections depending on the complexity of the product or service
  4. Customer Review: Formal review of customer onboarding status with all stakeholders - if your onboarding process above is multiple steps, have a review as part of each step with this step being an overall review of the relationship
  5. After Action Review: Have the customer onboarding team review what went right, what went wrong in the onboarding process
  6. .

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