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Checklist Software for your Recurring Tasks

Manifestly is 100% focused on recurring tasks.
SOPs, workflows, checklists...whatever you call these important recurring processes, that's what our software does. Simple, yet powerful workflow management software.

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Assign, Schedule, and Automate Checklists

Assign your workflows manually, schedule recurring instances, or integrate with other systems

Using our system, you'll ensure your team uses the correct process every time it is expcted, either based on events in other systems with our API and Zapier app or based on a recurring calendar event you configure.

  • Schedule workflows to repeat daily, weekly, monthly
  • Import Runs using a spreadsheet to automate the assignment process
  • Use Zapier or any other iPaaS to create checklists automatically, based on events in any other system you use
  • Use webhooks to update other systems when a step is completed in Manifestly
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Organize Your Team

Create departments to separate workflows, assignments, and staff to ensure privacy and security of data and processes

Manifestly provides three different permission levels to ensure only those with the rights to edit workflows can do so. Using departments, you can ensure only those with a need-to-know can see the work being done.

  • Departments & Roles to separate out the work that needs to get done and ensure security of data
  • Admin, User, and Limited User permission groups to limit who can do what and see information
  • SAML SSO to ensure security in the sign-in process matches your enterprise systems
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More than just checklist software

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Data Security

Protect your firm’s data with industry-leading data privacy and security.


+1000 Integrations

Our Zapier integration will connect the systems you already use. For advanced capabilities, use our API and webhooks.

Recuring workflows for your most important processes

With Manifestly, your team will Never Miss a Thing.