Checklist Software with an Open API and Web Hooks

Webhooks are a technology superpower to help you integrate your workflows with virtually any other cloud based software service.

Workflow management software used by some of the most well known brands in the world

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Assign, Schedule, and Automate

Use webhooks to update any cloud based system on the web

With Manifestly Checklists webhooks, you have access to 3 different triggers to set up your webhooks - workflow run started, workflow run completed, step completed.

  • Webhook json includes all data from the run so you can update other systems with any data you collect
  • Webhooks can be secured with a custom key to ensure the hook is valid when received in your system
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Assign, Schedule, and Automate

An open API for full control

Manifestly has a RESTful open API for programmers who want to develop your own custom checklist integrations with our service. The API is free to use while on the trial plan and is included in every paying account.

  • API onboarding help provided for free to paying Manifestly subscribers
  • Create and manage API keys to manage access to your Manfiestly account
  • Using the API to create and assign checklists in Manifestly and then webhooks to update external systems from events in Manifestly, you can create fully integrated systems
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More than just checklist software

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+1000 Integrations

Our Zapier integration will connect the systems you already use. For advanced capabilities, use our API and webhooks.

FAQ: Using webhooks and the Manifestly API

Currently, we have three events tied to our webhooks

  • Checklist step completed
  • Run started
  • Run completed

You create and manage API keys within your Manifestly account.

You can secure outgoing webhooks by using an API key you create and manage in your account.

All data from the workflow run as well as every step within the run. View the full json payload here: Using Webhooks for Integrations and Automations

Yes! You can fully customize the json sent as well as make this json dynamic by using tokens to insert data from the workflow run.

API and Webhook enabled Recuring Workflows

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