Workflow Software for Digital Marketing Teams

Get a handle on your recurring marketing tasks, so you can focus more of your energy on doing what you do best. Strategy, design & client success.

Recurring workflow management solution for marketing teams, trusted by marketing professionals worldwide

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Checklist software for marketing teams so everyone knows what's to be done, who's doing it, and when it's due

Manifestly helps you formalize the use of recurring marketing workflows so that process handoffs are simplified, assignments are clear, and everyone knows the what, how, who, & when of every important process in your business.

  • Create standardized checklists for your recurring processes, like email marketing checklist or SEO checklist
  • Embed images and videos to show even new team members how to complete tasks flawlessly
  • Reduce administration workload of digital marketing with set-and-forget workflow runs
summary page layout
summary page layout

Bird's eye views let you track digital marketing workflows and task status across clients and projects - at a glance

With Manifestly marketing project management software you can quickly view the status of everything your marketing team is currently working on and assess the real-time information.

  • Summary views show the status of all marketing checklists as well as individual tasks
  • Complete tasks or add comments across multiple marketing checklists at one time, no need to switch between clients
  • Create custom dashboards to view only what you want for better marketing process management
  • Get real-time notifications where it’s most convenient: email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and even web

Flexibility with conditional logic means different client needs and situations are handled ease

Handle context-dependent marketing workflows with ease. Workflow conditional logic means one workflow can handle many different project and client needs - keeping things simple.

  • Conditional logic can make entire sections or individual steps hidden or shown
  • You can use many different rules on a step for display
  • Add in role-based assignments and your marketing workflows can handle most any custom process
summary page layout
summary page layout

Win clients over with your process reliability and clear communication

With role based assignments, configurable notifications, and customizable dashboards, your team will continually exceed process expectations. Save time, headaches, and task management (and impress your new clients) while your team can focus on the job at hand.

  • Role-based assignments and customizable notifications reduce the problems with handoffs between people and departments involved in digital marketing
  • Realtime communication with @mentions means everyone is kept in the loop - easily and in realtime
  • Customizable due dates, reminders, and notifications means your team will always be up-to-date on task status

More than just checklist software

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+1000 Integrations

Our Zapier integration will connect the systems you already use. For advanced capabilities, use our API and webhooks.

FAQ: Using Manifestly for Marketing and Advertising Teams

Yes, you can add your clients as Limited Users to your account (they're free) and then invite them in to work on tasks in a workflow run. Doing this, you can hide all but their tasks from them - which is often done during client onboarding and other processes.

Yes. We provide a summary page view that shows the status of all your marketing clients for a particular workflow such as website launch, seo optimization, blog post writing, etc.

Our marketing firm customers use Manfiestly for processes including client onboarding, employee onboarding, SEO optimization projects, website launch, blog post writing, blog post review, blog post publishing, keyword research, email marketing and more.

Recurring workflows and checklists for marketing teams

With Manifestly, your team will Never Miss a Thing.