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Manifestly provides the tools you need to gather data, assign tasks to multiple parts of your organization, and track progress of your employee onboarding workflows in real-time.

Cloud-based HR onboarding software trusted by thousands of professionals

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New hire onboarding checklist for better first days at your organization

Enable your team to create simple and easy-to-understand employee onboarding checklists for staff and new employees. Impress new employees with clear and concise communication and tasks they can accomplish before they even start!

  • Assign tasks to the employee being onboarded
  • Gather documents & info necessary for accounting, HR, IT, and more
  • Keep private tasks private, only show the employee what they need to see
workflow example
conditional logic

Conditional logic for new hire onboarding checklists with a personalized experience

Tailor the employee onboarding experience to the individual and their upcoming role in your organization using conditional logic in your workflows. No need for many different workflows - just use one, and it works for all your organization's different onboarding scenarios.

  • Conditional logic can hide or display entire sections or individual steps in the checklist for onboarding new employees when you need
  • Use multiple conditional logic rules like "if A & B, then display C"
  • The employee onboarding system will only notify assignees when their assignments become relevant

Bird's eye view gives you instant feedback on the employee onboarding process and task status

Want to quickly view the status of all the employees you're currently onboarding? Our hr onboarding software provides several ways to view your employee onboarding checklists to give you personalized views.

  • A summary of your employee onboarding system will show the overall status and individual task
  • Work on multiple new hire onboarding checklists at one time and save time
  • Create custom dashboards in the employee onboarding app to view only what you want to see
  • Customize your notifications for email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and even web push notifications to stay in touch in real-time
summary page layout
summary page layout

Best employee onboarding software to save time, simplify handoffs, reduce errors & make everyone happier

With role-based assignments, built-in electronic signatures, and embedded videos, onboarding new employees is easier for everyone. You save time, headaches, and filing cabinet space with online onboarding software (and impress your new hires) while your team, from IT to HR to Accounting, can focus on the job at hand.

  • Role-based assignments and customizable notifications to solve handoffs issues
  • Forget paper and gather signatures right within her hire onboarding workflows
  • Keep everyone in the loop with real-time communication with @mentions
  • Track who did what and when with the activity log of the employee onboarding tool

New hire onboarding checklist that stimulates engagement

With employee onboarding software from Manifestly, you can automatically send onboarding tasks for new hires to complete on their own time, at their pace.

  • New employees can upload important documents and fill out forms
  • Help new hires with embedded videos right within the workflow
  • Use conditional logic to control new assignments in a step-by-step manner, so they get a new assignment just in time
workflow example

More than just checklist software

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HR Employee Onboarding with Manifestly - FAQ

Yes, we have multiple employee onboarding templates in our workflow templates library. Additionally, our customer success team will help you research best practices in your industry to help pull together an industry specific new employee onboarding template for your organization.

Yes. Manifestly is engineered to simplify cross department handoffs in your employee onboarding process. You can set up a workflow that can then be worked on by people in accounting, IT, human resources, operations, etc.

Yes, you can and most of our customers do just this, having their new employees enter data and upload documents.

And you can configure the workflow such the employee can only see the steps they have been assigned.

Yes, that's exactly how Manifestly works. You create and customize an employee onboarding workflow and then for each new employee you create a 'workflow run', which is a fresh start of that workflow where you onboard a specific new employee.

Absolutely! One of the most often used features in our software is the summary view which provides an overview of all employees currently being onboarded.

Onboarding software helps recruiters, human resource professionals, and team managers optimize the onboarding process for their new hires, and walk them through the hiring and training process. Typically they help an organization manage documentation requirements, important contacts/colleague introductions, and general office policies

Employee onboarding software is usually priced per employee onboarded, with most cloud solutions in the range from $7/employee up to $35/employee.

A survey from The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates the cost per hire (CPH) at just over $4,000 per employee.

Manifestly is different in that you do not pay for each employee onboarded, only for the number of people who use our software - which does not include the employee being onboarded.

Failures with employee onboarding can cost organizations thousands of dollars per employee. With onboarding software, you can formalize your process to ensure steps are never missed and everyone knows what needs to be done.

Workflow Templates for Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding Template

The employee onboarding process is a critical experience that shapes a new hires vision and expectations of their new job and workplace. It’s important that organizations make a good first impression and implement a thorough onboarding process.

This ultimate onboarding checklist covers onboarding tasks across multiple departments: Human Resources, IT/Security, Facilities, Hiring Managers, and more.

Start using the Employee Onboarding Template

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