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Turn repetitive processes into standardized workflows and make Manifestly your ultimate property management app

Don’t waste your time on repetitive manual processes. Go FROM “I have a property inspection today, but have no idea how it’s done.” TO a predictable process for everything.

  • Create standardized checklists for your tenant screening, inspections, etc
  • Create and embed custom data collection forms for tenants or clients in your workflows
  • Conditional logic lets you use one workflow for several different properties, rentals, and property types
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Foster accountability and ownership in your team by assigning role-based tasks and using automated due dates

By assigning tasks according to each person’s roles, you can achieve clear accountability and visibility into everyone’s responsibilities.

  • Impress your property management clients and tenants by completing tasks on time, every time
  • Managers always know who is responsible for a step and when something is late
  • Staff are notified of new assignments, late steps, and when they're mentioned by another employee on a checklist

Track assignments, status, and due dates across properties and clients - at a glance

Want to quickly view the status of all new tenants, new properties, lease updates and other projects you're team is currently working on? Manifestly provides several ways to view your work to give you the real-time info you need.

  • You can see several property-related checklists, complete your tasks or add comments in one view
  • Create custom dashboards to view exactly what you want to see
  • Customize your notifications for email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, & mobile to keep up on assignments, mentions, and late checklists in real-time
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Workflow Templates for Property Managers

Get set up quickly with the help of some predefined property management checklists.

Applicant Review (Tenant Screening)

As one of the most important processes for reducing your risks of tenant problems, including evictions, your tenant screening checklist can ensure your organization implements a consistent process when screening potential new tenants.

Start using the Applicant Review (Tenant Screening)

New Tenant (Tenant Move In)

Having a checklist of actions to review tenants before they move in can help make the transition easier and ensure you do not miss any important steps. While having a solid tenant onboarding process will help establish a good relationship with the tenant.

The exact steps of your new tenant checklist will likely depend on your specific procedures for screening tenants, how in-depth your lease agreement is, and the steps involved in having them move in. You can and should create a list that's unique to your rental property.

Start using the New Tenant (Tenant Move In)

Tenant Eviction Checklist

There’s no way around it, eviction is always a painful process. It’s awkward, time consuming, not to mention the need to dig through your records, hoping you didn’t miss anything crucial. However, there are steps you can take to make it less painful.

This template is meant as a starting point to help you structure your workflows. Edit it for your specific organization and state laws.

Start using the Tenant Eviction Checklist

Tenant Move Out

The tenant move out process can include some significant risks related to security deposits and unrecognized maintenance issues. Use a the Manifestly service to ensure clear communication, better documentation, and a smoother process for everyone involved.

A well constructed move out checklist helps communicate the roles and timelines for everyone involved.

Start using the Tenant Move Out

Annual Rental Property Inspection Checklist

Annual or bi-annual rental property inspections by a property manager can result in a higher return on investment and reduce your risk of loss.

This workflow template will help as a starting point for executing your rental property inspections.

Start using the Annual Rental Property Inspection Checklist

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Questions about using Manifestly for Property Management?

Property Management teams use Manifestly to manage many of their recurring processes and workflows, as well as to connect work happening across teams. Because Manifestly is flexible and completely customizable, you can use it to do just about anything your team needs. Many teams use Manifestly to onboard new properties as a starting point because it’s easy to standardize that process.

Usually you do not. Manifestly has a Limited User profile that is free, so many of your users will not count toward your subscription.

Yes. Several integration platforms as a service will integrate Manifestly with AppFolio. Some common iPaaS systems are Workato,, and Zapier.

Yes. Several integration platforms as a service will integrate Manifestly with Buildium. Some common iPaaS systems are Workato,, and Zapier.

RentManager provides two ways to enable integrations with other services. First is their Open Access, which provides comprehensive read-only views of your Rent Manager Online (RMO) database to be used with other software systems and integrations. Second, RentManager has an API that can be used to update your RentManager data. Please contact us to discuss further details of property management integrations.

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