Work on your team's recurring workflows right within Slack.

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How Manifestly works in Slack

Create full featured Workflows and Recurring Processes

  • Conditional logic
  • Role based assignments
  • Data collection options
  • Step details with videos, links, images
  • Dynamic due dates

Assign workflows and tasks in a channel or the app home tab

  • Assign checklists to a person or people
  • Assign specific steps to roles or people
  • People and channels get notified of new assignments

Complete tasks and track progress in channels or from the Slack home tab

  • Work on checklists collaboratively in a channel
  • See assignments and work on checklists on the app home tab dashboard
  • Fully customizable notifications to keep tabs of assignments, late checklists, and more

Manage permissions with departments and roles

  • Create departments to separate work and permissions
  • Use roles to switch assignments when people change jobs
  • Permissions levels to limit admin rights to edit workflows, add users, and more

Integrate with the services your team already uses

  • Web hook events for checklists and steps
  • No code integrations with our Zapier app or other iPaaS platforms
  • A full REST API for developers
  • We integrate with all integration platforms such as Workato, Integromat, and more

How to set up the Manifestly for Slack integration

  1. Click the Add to Slack button on this page
  2. Confirm adding the ManifestlyBot to your Slack account
  3. Follow the Manifestly + Slack Startup Guide to create a new workflow and then use it in Slack

Learn more and get support

  1. Bookmark the Manifestly + Slack help center
  2. Watch detailed videos in our Slack Integration video center


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

$6/user/month, but only for the people you add to Manifestly.

Am I charged for every person in my Slack account?

No. You only pay for Full Users you add to Manifestly. Full users are people you add to Manifestly and give the Admin or User level permissions. Full users do not include Limited users. Understanding pricing with the Manifestly Slack integration.

What is a Limited User?

Limited Users have the ability to work on checklists, but are not able to kick off new checklist runs themselves or assign work. They can only work on checklists and tasks that have been assigned to them. Read more.

Can I work on Manifestly Checklists in a private Slack channel?

Yes. You'll need to add the Manifestly App to the channel and then you can create, assign, and work on checklists in that private channel.

Can I assign a checklist to a channel?

Yes, you can associate a workflow with a channel and then each time you use that workflow, the checklist runs will be in that channel. You can also choose a channel whenever you create a new checklist run of any workflow in your account.  New checklists with that channel will send a notification into that channel where anyone can work on the checklist. This is covered in our Manifestly Checklists + Slack startup guide.


Sign Up Using Slack

Sign up for Manifestly using your existing Slack account.

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