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Manifestly is a workflow software platform to help you manage recurring HR tasks like hiring, terminations, onboarding, training and more.

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Simple software for human resources management of all your daily recurring tasks

Looking for tools for HR that will be easy and efficient? From day one, your team will love the simplicity of Manifestly. Just import your workflow steps into the HR tool from a spreadsheet or a word document, then customize your workflow, and get started in a snap.

  • Get a jump start on Manifestly with HR audit checklist, HR compliance checklist, or other workflow templates
  • Explore ideas other users already implemented in the templates section of this workforce management platform
  • We can help customize your workflows as part of your onboarding
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Bird's eye view lets you track workflow and task status across employees - at a glance

Want to quickly view the status of all the employee onboarding processes your team is currently working on? Manifestly software for HR management provides the real-time info you need in several views.

  • Summary view shows the status of all workflow runs and individual tasks
  • Open all you need in one view to complete tasks and add comments without switching between employee checklists
  • Custom dashboards help to personalize your workforce management system to your needs
  • Set notifications for email, Slack, Microsoft Teams or web to stay in touch in real-time

Save time, simplify handoffs, reduce errors & make everyone happier with a workflow management tool

Onboarding new employees is easy with role-based assignments, built-in electronic signatures, embedded videos, and more. You save time, headaches, and filing cabinet space with online onboarding (and impress your new hires) while team members from IT to HR to Accounting can focus on the job at hand.

  • Role-based assignments and customizable notifications reduce the problems with handoffs between departments
  • Gather electronic signatures right within the workflows to save time and environment
  • Real-time communication in HR software systems means everyone is in the loop - easily and in real-time
  • Check who did what and when for the life of your account in the searchable activity audit log
summary page layout
summary page layout

Software for HR management that fosters accountability and ownership in your team

Go from “I thought you were going to do that?!” To clear accountability and visibility into everyone’s responsibilities.

  • Rally around your department’s goals and responsibilities
  • Customize your notifications and reminders by email, Slack, Teams, or web
  • Mention anyone to send them a notification

More than just checklist software

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Free onboarding support so you can quickly start using Manifestly like a pro. Let's talk.

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+1000 Integrations

Our Zapier integration will connect the systems you already use. For advanced capabilities, use our API and webhooks.

FAQ: Manifestly for HR Workflow Management

Yes. Many companies use Manifestly for these human resource processes.

Yes, you can and most of our customers do just this, having their new employees enter data and upload documents.

And you can configure the workflow such the employee can only see the steps they have been assigned.

Yes, we have multiple employee onboarding templates in our workflow templates library. Additionally, our customer success team will help you research best practices in your industry to help pull together an industry specific new employee onboarding template for your organization.

Yes, that's exactly how Manifestly works. You create and customize an employee onboarding workflow and then for each new employee you create a 'workflow run', which is a fresh start of that workflow where you onboard a specific new employee.

Absolutely! One of the most often used features in our software is the summary view which provides an overview of all employees currently being hired and the status of the process.

Workflow Templates for Human Resources

Employee Onboarding Template

The employee onboarding process is a critical experience that shapes a new hires vision and expectations of their new job and workplace. It’s important that organizations make a good first impression and implement a thorough onboarding process.

This ultimate onboarding checklist covers onboarding tasks across multiple departments: Human Resources, IT/Security, Facilities, Hiring Managers, and more.

Start using the Employee Onboarding Template

Job Interview Checklist Template

Employee recruitment and selection is one of the most demanding and challenging HR processes in any firm. This is crucial for any organization to sustain itself in the aggressively competitive business landscape. Also, if you are a budding startup striving to scale quickly, it is critical to hire excellent talent right from inception.

Start using the Job Interview Checklist Template

Employee Termination Template

When it comes to the unpleasant event of firing employees, having a termination checklist is critical for more reasons than you think.

But a carefully prepared and implemented termination checklist can benefit more than just the company itself. Managers who do the terminating, the remaining staff, and even the employees who are fired—all of them are better served when there’s a good termination checklist established.

Start using the Employee Termination Template

Recurring workflows and checklists for HR professionals

With Manifestly, your team will Never Miss a Thing.