Cilliers CPA – Full Service Accountants

Cilliers CPA is a full-service Accounting firm licensed in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Founded in 2006, Cilliers is not your typical accounting firm. The staff at Cilliers CPA love helping their clients, and having some fun along the way. Philip and the rest of Cilliers CPA take care of the accounting, financial statements, payroll and taxes, while their clients run their businesses or just enjoy their number free lives.

I know others who pay a lot more for their checklist software. Every time I get an invoice from Manifestly, I’m like “This is the best money I’ve spent this month!”

Manifestly is so integrated into what we do every day – and it does so much for us.

– Philip Cilliers, Cilliers CPA

Cilliers team


 Tax Preparation Checklist

A yearly process for helping people and firms with their taxes. Cilliers finds great value in the comments features and uses this for getting partner signoff. As they say “Things change in tax preparations”, and with this checklist they’re confident less mistakes are made.

 Monthly Accounting Checklist

Cilliers CPA manages the monthly financial statements for many businesses. They’ve found this checklist helps make sure the accountants in the firm are doing the routine things and helps those accountants keep track of what is done and left to do. Compared to the paper binders they once kept, Manifestly has greatly improved this process.

 Offboarding Checklist

Along with their client onboarding checklist, Cilliers also utilizes an offboarding checklist with the client, to ensure systems are updated, letters are sent, and the process is dependable and timely.

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