Free Forever
  • 6 Checklist Runs/month
  • 50 MB file storage
  • Online Support

Free Forever
  • 8 Checklists/month
  • 50 MB file storage
  • Online Support

$8/user monthly
  • Unlimited Checklist Runs
  • 5 GB file storage
  • 5 Free Limited Users per Paying User

$80/user yearly
  • Unlimited Checklist Runs
  • 5 GB file storage
  • 5 Free Limited Users per Paying User


Slack accounts only pay for users you have added to Manifestly

All Plans Include

Unlimited Workflows
Unlimited Users
Limited Free Users
Data Collection Functions
Conditional Logic
Role Based Assignments
Dynamic Due Dates
Data Uploads
Document Storage
Recurring Scheduled Checklists
Workflow Run Links
Workflow Integrations
Searchable Audit History
Web hooks
Slack Integration
Microsoft Teams Integration
1000+ Integrations
Customizable Notifications
Customizable Dashboards
Workflow Imports
Checklist Run Imports
Exports to PDF & CSV
Built in Workflow Improvement
Calendar Integration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule a demo?

Yes! book a demo here.

Can I change my plan if I need to add or remove users?

Yes, you can change your plan anytime, and we will make the adjustment on your next billing cycle.

When will my credit card be charged?

Not until you purchase a subscription. We don't require a credit card to start your free trial.

Is there a non-profit or educational discount?

Non-profits receive a 50% discount and educational organizations receive 25% off any subscription to Manifestly. Contact us for more information.

Slack Pricing

Manifestly pricing is $6/month per user you add to Manifestly. Our pricing is not based on the number of users in your Slack account.

Also you only pay for people you give the Admin or User permission in Manifestly. Limited Users are free in our system.

So you might have 100 people in your Slack account, if you add 5 of them to your Manifestly account, then your Manifestly subscription will be for those 5 users. Most organizations have a combination of Admins, Users, and Limited users in Manifestly.

When you connect your Slack account to Manifestly, you have the ability to easily add Slack users to your Manifestly account. This doesn’t happen automatically though, which means you control how many of your Slack users end up being included in your Manifestly subscription.

Can you extend my free trial?

If you need more time with your free trial, simply convert to the free plan while you continue to test our service. You can always upgrade to a paid plain.

When can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You will not be charged any cancellation or termination fees.

Can I pay with PayPal or by check?

Yes. If you require additional payment methods or invoicing options, please contact us and our billing department will work to help you become a customer.

Can I purchase Manifestly for some users in my Slack or do we have to purchase for ALL users?

You only pay for those users that you add to Manifestly, not the total number you have in your Slack account.

Any other questions? Please contact us.