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As we kick off 2021, we’d like your input on how to make 2021 an amazing year.

Review Manifestly on Capterra – and receive a $20 gift card.

Customer reviews help us considerably with our marketing and you receive a $20 gift card of your choosing from a variety of businesses such as Amazon and Starbucks. Act now though because the $20 gift is only available before February 14th. 

Check Out our 2021 Manifestly Product Roadmap

We’re constantly utilizing your feedback as well as our goals for the product we can create to determine our product roadmap. Check out what we have in store for upcoming updates.

Suggest Features for Manifestly

We’re reviewing our product roadmap for 2021 and want to get as much feedback from our customers as possible. With your suggestions and input, we can continue to build a better product.

Thank you so much for using Manifestly!

– Philip, Mark, and the rest of the Manifestly team.

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