Step Data for File Uploads and Images

With Manifestly’s data collection features, you can collect text input, images, and file uploads. Please watch this video for more details on data collection within your Manifestly checklists.

Example uses of Manifestly’s checklist data collection feature…

Property Management

Property managers can use step data collection to upload documentation during a Tenant Application Checklist, collect photos during an Apartment Inspection Checklist or documentation when onboarding a New Property Checklist or a New Tenant Checklist.

IT & Server Administration

Technology teams can use data collection for screen captures or error logs in an Incident Response Checklist as well as data collection in a Weekly Server Maintenance Checklists.

Human Resources

Our HR customers use the data collection feature to gather all relevant employee data for Employee Onboarding Checklists and Employee Offboarding Checklists as well as the image and file uploads for important documents related to human resources checklists.

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