Top Tips and Benefits of Working from Home

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We’re living in really confusing times around the world with the coronavirus pandemic. Everybody’s worried about losing their jobs. It’s completely understandable, it’s a tough situation. However, that doesn’t mean that everything’s lost, there is a simple solution: working from home. Maybe you’re skeptical about this if you haven’t done it yet, but let us give you some tips and benefits of working from home.


Set a Schedule

Being home, it’s very tempting staying a little bit more time in bed or watching TV shows in-office hours. However, if you want to be more productive it’s important to respect a professional routine: waking up at the same hour every day, prepare as if you’re going to the office (getting dressed, having breakfast).

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Be Organized

It’s equally important to be organized with your tasks. If you don’t exactly know how to do that from your home environment, then you can use pretty handy apps to help you, like Manifestly.

Wrap Up Your Work Day

When you’re working from home, you might end up extending your work hours. When people feel they’re not productive enough, they tend to overwork themselves, don’t do that. Respect your schedule and continue the following day, you’ll be fresher.


Flexible Schedules

Working from home allows you to set a schedule to when you feel most productive. Being late at night or early in the morning, it doesn’t matter. This is a great benefit.

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Don’t miss work during Quarantine

The main benefit of working from home (at least in times like this) is reducing the blow such an event will have on your job security or your business. Having a telecommute set up at home is becoming more important every day.

Share more with your family

Sure, as we mentioned above you need to set the same schedule as if you’re going to the office. Still, don’t you take water breaks in the office? That, plus the time you’re saving in commutes will let you enjoy more of your loved ones.

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Having said all of these tips and benefits, there’s the most important thing about working from home: spending more time with your family. Because we’re so caught up in our day-to-day, we often take the most important things for granted. So this is the ideal chance to spend time with our family and appreciate them every day. 

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Manifestly is here to help you. Remote teams will stay productive no matter where you’re working from. Contact us!

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