Manifestly Latest Features Q1 – 2023

Manifestly has been busy this year, releasing new features that aim to make workflow management more efficient and effective. Here are the five new features that Manifestly has released this year:

1. Notion Integration: Embed Manifestly Checklists in Notion

Manifestly notion 1With this feature, users can embed Manifestly checklists into their Notion workspace. This integration allows users to track their workflows and tasks seamlessly within Notion, eliminating the need to switch between different applications. It also enables users to create and manage checklists that can be used across a variety of workflows.

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2. OpenAI ChatGPT-4 Integration

Manifestly plus chatgpt 4Manifestly has integrated OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 into its workflow management tool. With this integration, users can chat with an AI assistant to get help with their workflows. The AI assistant can provide guidance and suggestions based on the user’s workflow, making it easier to manage tasks and deadlines.

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3. Global Search

Global search lowManifestly’s new global search feature makes it easier for users to find specific workflows or tasks. With this feature, users can search across all their workflows, tasks, and checklists in one place. The search results can be filtered by workflow, task, or checklist, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

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4. File Import of Workflows

Workflow file importManifestly has made it easier for users to create new workflows by enabling them to import workflows from a file. This feature allows users to create workflows quickly and easily by importing them from a CSV or Excel file. It also ensures that users can create workflows that are consistent with their existing workflows, making it easier to manage tasks and deadlines.

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5. New “Includes?” Conditional Logic Rule (logical OR)

This feature lets you define a rule that will display a step if at least one of many values are chosen with a Choose From List data collection step. Up to this point, conditional logic has only been logical ANDs. If you collect several options with a Choose From List step data option, you can set the rule to be valid for 1 or many values in the data choices.

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What’s Next for Q2

We have many small improvements we’re working on, but several big features that have been requested and ranked high in our yearly customer survey. The big features coming out the next few months will include:

Reminders – Highly customizable step and run reminders will allow you to be reminded about a task before it is late and even on an ongoing basis (if you wish).

New User Interface – We’re working on a complete rewrite of the overall user interface. More modern, more clean, easier to understand and faster to use.

Ad Hoc Tasks – We will release the ad hoc tasks capabilities in the next few months within a beta release. This is big.

We publish our Product Roadmap and are always interested in your ideas for features as well as priorities of our roadmap.

These new features demonstrate our commitment to helping organizations streamline their workflows and increase productivity. By incorporating AI, integrating with popular tools like Notion, and improving search and import functionality, Manifestly is making it easier than ever for users to manage their workflows efficiently.

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