Manifestly Checklists moved from native mobile apps to a Progressive Web App. Here’s why.

After announcing our planned move (late 2019) to the Progressive Web App (PWA) technology for mobile devices (both iOS and Android), we have officially discontinued support for our native apps.

How to install the Manifestly PWA on your phone

We have an article in our help center with a video on installing Manifestly on your phone (or desktop).

Why we did this

Speed. The development cycle and approval of native apps, particularly on the iOS platform, is much slower than on the web where we control everything in the deployment and approval process. What this means is that new features that are available on the website ( are instantly also available on mobile devices. Normally there is a delay while we develop the feature for each platform and then wade through a slow approval process to get the native apps updated in the store.

Security. The same exact way your team signs in to Manifestly Checklists is also how they will sign in on the PWA. And with our recently released SAML based SSO, that can be your enterprise security authentication framework.

What it means for your team going forward

Progressive Web App is a growing technology and both iOS and Android (and others) will develop better support for PWAs moving forward, which will help us create a better mobile experience and move faster when updating our service. We deployed many updates in 2021, including these 11 new Manifestly Checklists features, and we expect to release even more in 2022.

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