A Checklist App for Property Managers

Never miss an important step again

Perfect for Property Managers

  • New Tenant Checklists
  • Tenant Move Outs
  • New Property Checklists
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • New Property Listings
  • Any recurring workflow or checklist!

Available on Mobile, Slack, and the web. Any device.

Simple to Use Checklist Editor

  • Upload images and videos
  • Add links to documentation
  • Easily import your workflows

Assign Tasks to People or Roles

  • Assign whole checklists or individual tasks
  • Auto assign steps every use of the workflow
  • Notifications sent automatically

Collect Data

  • Make your workflows data driven
  • Upload files & images when completing steps


Integrate with Other Systems

  • Manifestly integrates with 1,000+ other services
  • Automate checklist creation based on events in other services


Notifications & Customized Dashboards

  • Get alerted when tasks are late
  • Create custom dashboards to track anything
  • Push notifications to your phone

Slack Integration

  • Use Slack? Use our service inside Slack
  • Slack notifications to track progress

Mobile Apps for iOS and Android

  • Upload images from properties
  • Team members notified of tasks on phones

“I love the fact that I can see who did what, when, and that my staff can comment or give feedback on tasks that need to be handled differently this time. It makes teamwork in a small business that much easier.”

- Brett Lambert, B More Management