How to prevent cyber attacks on your home office

The world right now it’s going through a really hard time. With the COVID-19 virus running rampant, there are a lot of businesses closing their workspaces to improve social distancing and helping their staff in avoiding the disease. Now said staff is working from home, something hackers can exploit to hurt you. The number of cyber attacks against organizations and individuals is significant and is expected to increase during the pandemic.

Not everyone has their home office prepared for the work they’re doing during the quarantine, and that’s the idea behind this checklist. To help you set up better defenses against the hackers and fraudsters that could potentially target you or other staff members from your organization.


How individuals can defend themselves against Cyber Attacks

  • Secure your WiFi access point
  • Change your passwords to stronger ones, don’t use the same password on different accounts
  • Enable multi-factor authentication whenever possible
  • Use a virtual private network (VPN)
  • Be wary of COVID-19 scams like phishing emails, malicious domains and fake apps
  • Never share personal or financial information via email or message
  • If possible, don’t mix personal and work devices
  • Update systems, drivers and software in all your devices
  • Don’t let anyone in your house use any of your work devices

How businesses can defend themselves

  • Before circulating or acting on news about COVID-19 and its impact on your business, verify that it’s coming from a trusted source
  • Give your staff a VPN and teach them how to use it
  • Ensure all corporately owned or managed devices are equipped with essential security capabilities
  • Provide clear guidance and encourage communication
  • Business leaders should work with their security teams to identify likely cyber-attack during the quarantine
  • Share all data via online secure cloud applications. USB memory sticks should not be used to share data as they can spread malware
  • Create a recovery plan in case you’re hit with a breach stemming from work-from-home conditions
  • Use encrypted messaging services for work communication

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