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Data security, systems integrity, and advanced features like SSO, web hooks, and an easy-to-use API without all the excess complexity.

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Create standardized workflows for your recurring IT processes

Your team will love the simplicity of Manifestly checklists for IT departments. Import your workflow steps from a spreadsheet or a word document, customize your workflow, and get started in a snap.

  • Create standardized IT checklists for your infrastructure maintenance, desktop setup, server setup, etc
  • Use tags to organize and access your checklists for IT workflow management
  • Reduce your administration workload with set-and-forget workflow runs
  • Plan ahead by scheduling automatic recurring IT workflow runs
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Use a bird's-eye view of your IT management checklists to track task status across projects

Check the status of all the workflows in-progress at a glance. Manifestly offers several ways to monitor IT department checklists to give you real-time insights.

  • Track the status of checklists for your IT department and individual tasks in a summary view
  • No need to switch between tabs. Complete tasks, add comments to multiple projects, and process checklists in one view
  • Create custom dashboards to track your IT management workflows
  • Customize email, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and web push notifications to stay on top of things

Everyone will know what's to be done, who's doing it, and when it is due

Formalize recurring IT workflows to make process handoffs simple, assignments clear, and everyone aware of the what, how, who, & when of every important process.

  • Create standardized checklists for your recurring IT processes like weekly server admin, security incident response, and more
  • Use images and videos to communicate your processes to everyone and make life easier even for new team members, so that they execute tasks flawlessly
  • Set automatic workflow runs to reduce your administration workload
  • With role-based assignments, everyone will know who is responsible for specific IT tasks
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What our customers have to say

Richard Tubb

Checklists are a Superpower!

"We looked at a number of checklist/workflow tools, but Manifestly was the easiest to deploy and hit the ground using. We've found the Manifestly team to be great partners.”
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Ethan Rogge

The easiest webhook integrations I've ever used

"As a Systems Lead tasked with automating and optimizing processes, I have to say that Manifestly's webhook and testing function was the simplest I've ever used. Major kudos!”
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Alejandro Perez

One of the must have tools for every company

"We're big believers in finding the right tool for each need, and in my opinion there's no other product out there as good as Manifestly that provides all the processes and tools to effectively use checklists.”
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Daniele Besana

Excellent tool for checklists and processes

"The integration with Slack is superb, you can check and update your checklists directly from Slack.”
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More than just recurring workflow software for IT teams

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Recurring workflows and checklists for IT professionals

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