Manifestly Integrations

Slack Integration

This integration allows you to keep track of in-progress checklist runs, quickly start new checklist runs, and auto status updates.

GitHub Integration

Automatically run checklists for new github issues and releases.

SalesForce Integration

Automatically run checklists for new SalesForce leads and many other events.

Intercom Integration

Create a new checklist run for each new Intercom user.

PeopleHR Integration

Automatically run checklists for new employees or employees exiting.

Zendesk Integration

Automatically run checklists for new Zendesk support tickets.

Manifestly - Zapier Integrations

Zapier 500 apps

Automatically launch Manifestly checklist runs from the cloud services you use to run your business. We integrate with all the modern software as a service applications your team depends on.

How it Works

We utilize Zapier’s free and seamless integration to drive Manifestly from over 300 services. You just choose triggers in any system you use today, and Zapier automatically launches invitations to checklist runs in Manifestly. This ensures your reproducible processes and quality checks happen every time, without delay.

A change here...


Zapier arrow

...A Checklist Run


Getting Started with Zapier Integrations

Zapier has excellent documentation on using 'Zaps' to automate your business workflows. Once you sign up on Zapier, follow the directions to connect it with your Manifestly account.

  1. Sign up for an account on Zapier, it's free!.
  2. Create the checklist template on Manifestly that you want to run automatically.
  3. Create a new 'Zap' with Manifestly on Zapier.
  4. You’re all set! The automation runs in the background, giving you peace of mind.