Manifestly Awarded 2017 Great User Experience Award

Finances Online is the fastest growing independent review platform that ranks and reviews B2B SaaS solutions. Focused on helping business owners find the best solutions and products to meet theirneeds, its online presence has become a trusted source for industry reviews in small and large businesses alike. Manifestly is happy to announce that we have not only been reviewed by FinancesOnline, but have also won two awards in the process!

We are thrilled to announce that Manifestly has won the following awards published by the expert reviewers at FinancesOnline: 2017 Rising Star and 2017 Great User Experience for their best collaboration tools.


The Rising Star award highlights Manifestly’s quick growth of a customer base located in 40+ countries consisting of small to large businesses. Our competitive ranking in the Slack marketplace, as well as our new spot on FinancesOnline top 10 collaboration software systems, has led many new customers discover us and integrate our tool into their workplace.

The Great User Experience award is a result of our dedication to simplify recurring tasks for organizations. We understand that business owners have many choices when evaluating project management solutions, and Manifestly aims to simplify workflows — not complicate them. By focusing strictly on recurring tasks, integrating with Slack, and offering native mobile apps, Manifestly users flow through a consistent experience while using our product.

All of us at Manifestly appreciate the time that the review team at FinancesOnline dedicated to evaluating our product and providing a comprehensive overview of our service to their readers.

Manifestly is here to simplify your recurring workflows. Come explore our award-winning features that FinancesOnline has identified. Sign up for a free 30-day trial today.

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