Create Detailed Process Documentation

Videos, images, and links to supporting documents can all be added to your checklist templates to make them not only a checklist of what to do, but also a document of how a process should be done.

Checklist Scheduling

Schedule daily, weekly, or quarterly checklist runs to ensure recurring tasks are completed on time. Receive notifications on checklist activity, such as when a checklists has started.

Conditional Logic

Conditionally hide or display sections and steps based on data collected or the completion of a different step in the workflow.

Searchable Activity Feed

Every action taken - who completed a task, entered data, started and finished a checklist and more is stored in the cloud, forever. It's simple to monitor your account and know who did what and when they did it. Account activity history is searchable and you can create reports based on activity and person.

Collect Data

Add data collection fields to your workflows. Users can enter data, choose from a list, or upload images and files. We're continually adding new data types.

Organize with Tags

Keep your workflows and checklist runs organized by using tags. Tags act as flexible folders to easily filter and find your tasks in Manifestly. Set up tags to track work by client, property, type of work and more.

Departments & Locations

Use departments to organize teams and workflows as well as maintain security by keeping checklists and activity private from your whole organization.

Comments & Mentions

Collaborate with your team within a checklist without relying on emails or other communication methods. You can also add Manifestly directly to Slack.

Assign Tasks and Checklists

Collaborative checklists allow you to assign specific steps within checklists. Your team will understand their own responsibilities, along with who else should be doing what.

Built in Process Improvement

Built-in process improvement tools to help your team continually improve the workflows important for your organization. Your team will become more efficient with checklists.

1,000+ Integrations

Manifestly utilizes Zapier to connect to over 1000+ cloud-based apps. Explore our current integrations.

Open API

We also have an open API for you programmers who want to develop your own custom integrations.

Checklists right within Slack

Slack is our most popular integration. Manifestly joins your team where they are already working, allowing you to keep track of in-progress checklist runs, quickly start new checklist runs, and auto status updates - directly in a slack channel.

1,000+ Integrations

Use Zapier to automatically launch checklists from your other systems. It's simple to connect Manifestly to your other apps to share data, automate workflows, and finish routine tasks automatically. Learn more about Zapier.

iOS and Android phones and tablets

Manifestly has native mobile apps for both iOS and Android. Your team can use smartphones and tablets so they'll never miss a thing.