The Roman Candle
The Roman Candle is a Wisconsin based pizzeria with each location as unique as its surrounding neighborhood.

The Roman Candle

The Roman Candle was born 11 years ago with their first location on the ever hip Willy Street in Madison, WI. Voted Best Pizza for 10 years running, The Roman Candle now has 5 stores in 3 cities and has even started franchising the concept.

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The Roman Candle Uses 3 Primary Checklists

  • Employee Onboarding
  • The Roman Candle benefits greatly from having links within their Employee Onboarding checklist to their relevant documents and forms. They are also a major Dropbox user and keep their process documentation stored in Dropbox for their 5 stores. They link directly to these documents from within their employee onboarding checklist.

  • Weekly Store Tasks
  • Each week the store managers have an auto-scheduled checklist of tasks and reporting consolidation steps to gather up store performance reports. These checklists utilize DropBox to link to standard documentation and ensure the 5 stores provide timely and consistent information to the management teams.

  • Sales & Marketing
  • The Roman Candle management team has a weekly checklist review of their sales and marketing efforts. The checklist uses links in the step descriptions to several other documents and helps them have a structured approach to this weekly meeting and analysis.

As James says, "The benefits from linking directly to the documentation are huge" and he relates how much the Accounting and HR staff are happy to have complete paperwork from the store level employee onboarding process - reengineered with their Manifestly checklists

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